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Why You Should Partner with a Content Licensing Agency

Why You Should Partner with a Content Licensing Agency

Many publishers are familiar with content licensing. In fact, you may have it on your “to do” list as we speak. But we all know that stuff happens, and somehow the licensing initiative either doesn’t get off the ground, or if it does, the results are underwhelming.


Because content licensing is both an art and a science. Agencies that specialize in this business have the marketing experience to successfully launch the promotion of your content assets along with the insight and sales savvy to be successful. No matter how great your in-house marketing team is, content licensing is a totally different animal. Please see the four reasons below that show you why it’s important to work with a content licensing agency.

Increased Revenue

Sounds good, right? Publishers are always looking for ways to increase revenue and typically look to increased advertising as a way to increase revenue.

Content licensing agencies have the ability to increase revenue or create entirely new revenue streams by leveraging your existing content.

Unrivaled Licensing

Technology continues to drive our day-to-day lives and content licensing is no different. You could work with a partner who keeps up with the latest content licensing trends, but wouldn’t it be better (and much more profitable) to partner with someone who creates the trends? This is one of the most important reasons to partner with a content licensing agency.

Recognize the difference between a content licensing provider and a content licensing partner. A provider doesn’t offer recommendations for development of new or enhanced licensing opportunities for your brand, while a partner does.


Content licensing agencies should provide reporting on a regular basis. When you can see the tangible results of an initiative, then you are able to connect it directly to your overall content licensing strategy and assess its effectiveness.

Here at Wright’s, we offer real-time activity and royalty reports for all of our publishers. Being able to see and measure the revenue generated in real time is a game changer in the content licensing industry.

TIP: When you partner with a content licensing agency, be sure to ask what reporting you will have access to and how often you can review it.


Monetizing current content assets is an art form. We understand the landscape and have an in-house team of experienced, trusted professionals who can effectively produce results.

By partnering with a content licensing agency, you are free to continue focusing on the core aspects of your business while benefitting from new revenue streams.

Still not sure if you should partner with a content licensing agency? We get it. That’s why we’ve put together a case study showing the increased revenue we delivered to Northstar Travel Media with their content licensing program.

Feel free to check it out and contact us with questions.