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Tips and Resources for Finding the Best Talent

Tips and Resources for Finding the Best Talent

With all that’s riding on your business being successful, it’s important to ensure you have the best talent around you, working hard to promote your brand and increase your bottom line.

With the workforce larger than ever, how does a company wade through the boggy muck of the under- and unqualified candidates? How do you distill the best from the myriad of qualified candidates to find that magical perfect fit?
Conselium.com offers a few simple tips that could yield the results you are looking for.

1. Put your employees first.
What better ambassadors in the world outside the walls of your building than the people you employ? Treat them right, and they’ll reciprocate by not only being more productive but also being free billboards in the community that advertise your business as being a place where people want to and love to work.

2. Advertise yourself.
Not only are your applicants applying for a job, you also are applying to be their employer. Sell yourself; let them know why and how your business stands above the rest. Just as one box of cereal has to stand out among the hundreds of other cereal choices on a store shelf, so does your company.

3. Be creative.
Use social media or a clever ad campaign to “fish” that perfect candidate from the candidate pool. The days of exclusively relying on a print ad are gone; in today’s business climate, recruiters, job fairs, and the aforementioned social media are the prime bodies of water from which the best catches come.

4. Post on job boards.
While a great many people see job boards as placing a pebble of sand on a beach of trillions of other pebbles of sand, this isn’t always the case. In fact, some of the best candidates are searching the job boards, thumbing their noses at the statistics and taking a chance.

While there is no one set way to finding the ideal candidate, utilizing one of more of these tips will certainly go a long way in helping you whittle down the choices. A little luck along the way doesn’t hurt, either!