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The Final Stretch

The Final Stretch

The lactic acid build-up is punching you, begging you to rest for just ONE minute while your overworked lungs scream for mercy. The finish line is a blur in the distance, a mirage mocking you with every step. “You won’t finish!” it says, laughing. Every step requires strength from a cavern deep inside your soul that, prior to now, you didn’t know existed but somehow found the route to without aid of a map or even a flashlight.

These final couple months represent the end to a long journey made annually by millions the world over that can seem like the last few miles of a mental marathon. Our psyches are winding down, preparing for the end of one year and preparing for another. In the start of the year, our spirits are high as we stare at a blank slate to be filled in with the determination and promise that a new trip around the sun brings. There is a spring in our step, a song in our hearts, and a goal in our minds.

Then the months fade into one another and the fruits of our labor are slowly taking shape. Are we on pace to meet our goals? Do we need to re-evaluate our approach to kick things up a notch? Are we crushing every goal and obstacle and begging for more?

Now we’re in the twilight of the calendar year, and our thoughts turn to family gatherings, vacations, cold and cloudy days, and crisp and chilly nights. While it’s easy to get caught up in planning activities with loved ones and planning shopping trips, we must not lose sight of attaining our goal or, better yet, completely destroying it.

It’s this time of year to put on your cheerleader outfit and pump your team up, getting their adrenaline flowing and their sales approach running like a finely tuned engine. It’s this time of year that separates the pretenders from the contenders. It’s now, when the sun shines less, that the flame of desire must burn brighter and longer.

What in your professional life have you been striving toward? What is that obstacle that you have identified as being the one separating you from what you wish to achieve? If you’re behind, speed up. If your will has weakened, hit the mental gym and pop those weights up. The wall is staring at you, smiling in contempt and not believing you have the guts to overcome it. Will you acknowledge its assumption, or will you return the smile, gather momentum, and obliterate it?