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The Convergence of Technology and Content Licensing

The Convergence of Technology and Content Licensing

Does your typical workday include listening to your favorite playlists on Spotify? Perhaps you unwind from your daily grind binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix?

Streaming content is part of nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives, and rightly so – we couldn’t imagine “doing life” without our favorite streaming services.

Technology shapes our lives and it’s no different in the B2B landscape. With the influx of social media – B2B has become H2H with one-to-one communication driving personalization of B2B buyers.

Did you know that B2B customers now expect the same range of omnichannel buying options they enjoy as consumers – which is why almost half of B2B buyers (49%) prefer to use consumer websites to make work-related purchases. (The Future of Commerce)

So it’s essential to implement streaming and automated systems that your buyers are used to – that’s what digital asset management software like LicenseStream does.

We give your content licensing audience the digital experience they expect.

How Does It Work?

Automating your content licensing process is simple when using software like LicenseStream. But exactly how does it work?

Whether you are licensing video, images, assets, awards, or logos – your buyer can simply visit your LicenseStream website to purchase the license for your asset. After the watermarked asset is provided to the buyer, they must submit the artwork proof with your asset. This is essential to protecting your brand.

The artwork is given final approval and the asset is provided (without a watermark) for the brand to implement across their marketing channels.

LicenseStream allows content buyers to leverage your assets through a streamlined, automated process not unlike buying a pizza or ordering a movie online. The process is very familiar, simple, and intuitive.

See it in Action

Publishers and content owners use LicenseStream in a variety of ways. Men’s Health uses the platform to license their Best Foods for Men Awards, while Cosmopolitan markets the use of their Cosmo Beauty Awards through LicenseStream.

The ease of use isn’t just for the content buyers – publishers have the ability to track the use of their digital assets as well as receive consolidated content reporting from the system.

LicenseStream supports many different types of content:

  • Award logos – Health, beauty, running, or any other award logo that your publication distributes can be housed on LicenseStream.Prevention markets the use of their Beauty Awards using the LicenseStream platform.
  • Content archives – Consider Vogue as an example. The Vogue Archive houses every page of American Vogue since 1892, offering fashion inspiration like the industry has never seen before.
  • Videos – Similar to images, videos can be repurposed using the LicenseStream digital asset management software. David Letterman is a great example of licensing videos that can be used for film, video, new media and any other media projects.

Benefits of Using Digital Asset Management

Many content owners and publishers have only seen monetization in reprints – this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to generating revenue. The benefits of using software like LicenseStream to manage and monetize your assets include:

  • New revenue streams for content – whether you archive your digital content or launch award programs using LicenseStream, you will see new revenue generated that goes straight to your bottom line.
  • Protection of content assets – LicenseStream has the ability to track usage of your content across the web. When your brand is being used illegally, you are notified and steps are taken to protect your brand.
  • Reporting – LicenseStream offers dashboard reports that are updated automatically for your team to measure the ROI of your content licensing objectives.
  • Marketing tracking – LicenseStream is a “hub” for your content licensing efforts. When you launch email campaigns, social media campaigns or any other digital marketing campaigns promoting your content – you can simply track the effectiveness of your campaigns like you would on your website.

Content licensing software like LicenseStream allows publishers and content owners to monitor the use of their content, streamlining their content licensing efforts while creating new revenue streams.

Think your content is a fit for LicenseStream? Learn how we can build a strong, profitable partnership with your company.