Digital and Web Article Licensing Agency
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Standard ePrints

A standard ePrint is a static Portable Document Format (pdf) reproduction of published content, such as brochures, catalogs, magazines, or newsletters, including articles, quotes and advertisements that can be used in various electronic mediums.

Companies will buy an ePrint of your published assets because it:

  • Creates a positive association for their company
  • Can feature highlights, rankings or logos
  • Promotes their brand on their website
  • Promotes their brand through social media
  • Enhances their overall digital presence
  • Allows for the capture of data

Of course, an ePrint also benefits you, the publisher, and not just because of the extra income. Your logo and content are exposed to new audiences and markets as the buyer incorporates the ePrint into their marketing strategy. Call us today – we can help you land new customers and generate additional revenue.