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Social Media: How Can Twitter Help Your Business?

Social Media: How Can Twitter Help Your Business?

The marketing paradigm has shifted. Customers will no longer settle for a simple TV/print ad in order to learn about your company and what you have to offer. Your target audience now wants a relationship with you, reminiscent of days-gone-by when mom and pop shops dotted the landscape. Social media is becoming mandatory when marketing your product/service. And perhaps no form of social media has the potential for immediate impact than Twitter.

With its instant interface platform, Twitter allows you to communicate with subscribers immediately. Want to let your customers know of a new product? Tweet them the information. Want to give your audience a special deal available to subscribers only? Tweet them the offer. It’s a cost-effective (it’s free) way to not only communicate with your customers on a more personal level, it’s a simple way to let them in on special offers and deals not available to the general public. According to Mindjumpers, 40% of Twitter users rarely post anything but primarily consume content there.

As we’ve discussed, Twitter is an easy way to connect with your customers. But Twitter can be so much more for your business. Here are some examples of businesses that have figured out how to make Twitter work for them.

  • JetBlue- The PR machines for airlines are working overtime in this time of cutbacks, increased fees, delays, and all manner of irritants for passengers. JetBlue has taken the approach that Twitter is a forum for listening to their customers.  Sure, they tweet helpful information (flight updates, weather reports, etc.) but the primary purpose, according to Morgan Johnston, manager of corporate communications with Jet Blue and their “high flying Twitter philosopher,” is “driven by the requests of our followers. Twitter is a great way to talk to many, but even better for listening.” Follow them at @JetBlue.
  • Comcast- In the hierarchy of dislike, the pecking order goes: Criminals, government, cable/satellite companies. However, one cable company has offered a white flag and a handshake of sorts through its Twitter account by offering real-time answers to problems as well as using it as a forum for less-serious discussions. Comcast’s Frank Eliason, the man behind the curtain, told BusinessWeek, “This is just one way people have gotten to know us. It’s a little more personal. More back-and-forth discussions, and it’s less formal. And it gives immediacy to interactions.” Join the conversation at @comcast.
  • Best Buy- By aggregating their Twitter account into a forum-style arena, Best Buy’s Twelpforce is able to address anything from a new cell phone case to a home theater system. The forum format allows users to search for the answer to their questions before asking their own. The Twelpforce is manned 24/7, too. Find what you need at @BestBuy.
  • The Home Depot- Sarah Molinari, Home Depot’s corporate communications manager and “queen of proactive customer service via Twitter” offers help and answers questions via the company’s Twitter account. From the right fertilizer to use in summer to the proper nail size for a birdhouse, she welcomes all home improvement questions and even tweets out important information regarding severe weather preparation and home repair. Get fixed up at @TheHomeDepot.


What are some interesting comments your company has received via Twitter? Share all stories Twitter with us!