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Six Must-have Travel Apps

Six Must-have Travel Apps

We seemingly have an infinite number of apps to download that will entertain us, assist us, or give us vital information. But what about apps for the business traveler? Timeout.com has a list of the 50 most important apps for travel, but I whinnied it down to the six apps that, in my opinion, every business traveler should have on their smart phone. (Keep in mind some of these apps may include a charge, and they are not available for every phone.)

1. FlightTrack
Never wonder where your flight or your loved one’s flight is again with this nifty app. Track thousands of international flights on zoomable maps and stay up-to-date with departure gates, delays, and cancellations. Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone

2. WeatherPro
If you’re like me, you love to keep abreast of the latest weather conditions in your area or where your travels will take you. This app does it all for over 2 million geographical locations: cloud formations, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, humidity, and, of course, temperature and precipitation. Available on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone

3. JetLag Genie
Two things that bug business travelers? Long security lines and jet lag. While I can’t do anything about the former, the folks at JetLag Genie can help you with the latter. While it does contain a few recommendations that lack a solid scientific backing (so take them with a grain of salt), it does contain a very helpful feature that allows you to adjust your sleeping habits to fit the time at your destination. Simply put in your travel dates, destination, and your usual sleeping times and, voila, it will create a personalized alarm clock for you. Available on iPhone

4. Packing Pro
For some, packing is about as fun as a trip to the dentist. What to pack, where to put it, how much to pack— it’s almost a science getting the right combination of items in adequate quantities. Well, your personal scientist has arrived. This ingenious little app will suggest what you’ll need on your trip based on where you’re going and how long you’re staying. It even has separate lists for additional family members. Available on iPhone

5. Perfect World Clock
Nothing earth-shattering or cutting-edge with this app but it will give you an idea of when to call your family back home, or vice versa. No more guessing how many hours to add or subtract; simply open the app and tell the time. It also allows you to add other clocks to your home screen. Available on Android

6. Word Lens
This is one of the craziest yet at the same time, awesome, apps I’ve ever seen. Simply take a picture of foreign text and it will translate it for you. The download is free, but the language packs are an additional charge. Available on iPhone and iPad

So, next time business elsewhere calls, make sure you have all or some of these apps in your packing list!