Incorporating a Mobile Nations brand logo with corresponding page/reviews for your advertising and marketing efforts will raise credibility in the mindset of existing and future customers.

Wright's licensing management team will negotiate and draft a customized licensing agreement to suit your specific marketing program requirements. A licensing agreement can be customized to secure logo rights, content rights and permissions for use in various marketing mediums.


Mobile Nations serves millions of people every month, so if they have mentioned your brand, your marketing team deserves to brag a little. Using Mobile Nations's editorials and/or copy of articles related to your brand, you'll be able to tell your target audience that you are recognized by one of the world's leading media brands.


Whether it's an in-depth article, review, or best of list that features your brand, calling attention to your brand's mention by Mobile Nations is a distinction that deserves promoting.


With a world of ancillary items out there, your brand has more options than ever to present its recognition to your target audience and beyond. Your brand plus Mobile Nations equals an even larger opportunity from which to increase revenue and ROI.

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