Incorporating the content from HousingWire is an ideal marketing tool that can be positioned in many ways to show your company's greatest assets. When you harness the power of reprints, you are able to customize the appearance and presentation of the editorial content and market toward your targeted audience.

LicensingIntegrate your recognition with your TV, radio, print, and digital marketing initiatives. Our Licensing Management Team will negotiate and draft a customized licensing agreement to suit your specific marketing program requirements. Our knowledgeable and experienced licensing team is skilled at negotiating and drafting licenses and other agreements.
Plaques Showcase your awards with a fashionable wooden plaque. This popular and impressive exhibit is an amazing way to display your accomplishment for any front office, special awards ceremony, or given as a gift. For that special touch, include engraving at the bottom to emphasize your achievement.
E-prints Electronic reprints, better known as E-prints, are the electronic version of your editorial content. These E-prints can be customized, just like the hard copy article reprints, but are purchased for a specific period of time for your website. E-prints can also be used as a marketing piece and emailed to your prospects, clients, or to anyone within your company.
Custom Reprints The greatest benefit of reprints is the ability to customize and present editorial content as a powerful and professional marketing piece. Whether you are using them for your next direct mail campaign or handing them out at an upcoming industry trade show, reprints can enhance your marketing efforts, particularly when you tailor them to your specifications.
Trophies Set yourself apart from the competition and highlight your award with a custom, branded trophy. These are a great way to display your accomplishments throughout the office and exhibit your award winning products and services.
OTHER SERVICES If what you are looking for isn't listed, call us and let us know how you want the HousingWire brand to enhance your marketing efforts.
contact us Contact our official partner, Wright's Media at 281-419-5725 for more information. Please note that Wright's Media is the only authorized company that we've partnered with for HousingWire materials.

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