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Rewarding Your Brand

Rewarding Your Brand

With Christmas 2013 now a fond memory, the giving season is over, right? WRONG. At Wright’s, we play Santa well into the new year. Well, maybe not Santa but we DO get to play the part of a few of his elves.

One of the perks of our job is being able to recognize the hard work and dedication of companies in various industries. From magazines to technical gadgets, we get to give a few lucky entities the adult version of a sticker on their chart by giving them an award for the blood, sweat, and tears that went into creating their product.

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, running from January 6th through the 10th, is an opportunity for a select few to win an award (or more) for their efforts in bringing useful and needed technology to the masses. For those fortunate enough to win an award, the opportunity to bask in that glory will present itself in their marketing efforts and beyond, providing a return both in sales and in personal satisfaction.

Our publishers research the different products from the companies attending CES, and they choose their favorites. Then comes the fun part: We at Wright’s are sent to seek out these lucky individuals at CES and give them their award. One might think that an adult might not have the same enthusiasm for winning an achievement-based award that isn’t on par with an Academy Award or an Oscar or a Nobel; one would be very wrong. The joy on the recipients faces and their genuine excitement at being recognized is not a far cry from a kid on Christmas morning whose year-long ability to stay on Santa’s Nice List has paid off on Christmas morning. Being recognized by your peers for a job well-done never loses its luster, nor do the good vibes we receive by giving out the awards! (Funny how efficacious that awards are at making people happy, no matter their age!)

Each trophy is unique and is curtailed to each publisher’s brand and style. (Nothing is tackier than giving out the same award over and over and trying to pass it off as one-of-a-kind.) Check out some of the awards we handed out at CES 2013 and follow us as we embark on CES 2014 by checking out our Twitter page. Going to be at CES 2014? Look for us. We’ll be the people with big smiles on our faces handing out trophies and accolades to some lucky attendees!