Article Reprint Service Agency - Magazine Reprint Agency
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There are many occasions when a good old-fashioned hard copy does the trick for a potential customer. If your published assets mention other companies (in trade publications, newspapers, website, etc.), call us. We can market this content to those companies for you and create new revenue out of existing material. Consumers trust earned media and we know what it’s worth to you.

The use of reprints in marketing campaigns is a great showcase for any company by:

  • Increasing brand recognition
  • Associating it with leaders in media
  • Driving new website traffic
  • Generating new leads and sales

Call Wright’s Media today. We can market and sell reprints of your published material that will add tremendous value for the buyer while generating new income streams for you, the owner. Your reprints can be used in many creative ways, and are completely customizable, which translates into even more revenue to you.