Featuring ePrints on your website enhances your digital presence. An ePrint can highlight rankings and logos, incorporate videos and links, and provide data and feedback for tracking and measuring ROI.

Standard ePrint
A Standard ePrint is a static Portable Document Format (pdf) reproduction of published content, such as brochures, catalogs, magazines, or newsletters, including articles, quotes and advertisements that can be used in various electronic mediums.

Elite ePrints
The Elite ePrint turns your company's earned PR into an engaging digital resource that will capture data as well as provide an additional method for gaining customer loyalty. The advanced technology of an Elite ePrint offers:

  • Page-by-page flip navigation
  • Embedded video with adjustable settings
  • Active links to other areas of the website

Customized Elite ePrints
Customizing an Elite ePrint enhances solutions and increases effectiveness. Customization options available include:

  • Scrolling banners
  • Sound effects
  • Flash effects

Standard ePrints

Elite ePrint

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