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Picture This: 5 Ways Instagram Can Benefit Your Business

Picture This: 5 Ways Instagram Can Benefit Your Business

What started as a photo sharing service has blossomed into 30 million users posting over 1 billion pictures, which translates to 5.2 million pictures uploaded every day, or 60 photos per second. And businesses have noticed.

Businesses have caught on to Instagram by utilizing it to promote their brand through creative pictures that usually tell a story. The goal is not to sell something outright but to create an experience that your audience can either relate to or follow with interest. Kristin Cameron, of Dun & Bradstreet, offers five easy-to-follow tips for maximizing your brand through Instagram.

1. Connect with clients
Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram gives your business a chance to talk casually and share a laugh or two with your customers. Its purposely relaxed atmosphere lets your audience know you’re not all bottom lines and sales quotas. And the creative editing features allow you to have even more fun with your images.

2. Share your business story.
For the times when words won’t do or aren’t necessary, tell the tale with a picture. It’s a quick, easy, and fun way to stay connected with your customers when your copywriters are asleep or accepting awards.

3. Increase followers.
Increasing followers means increased opportunities to promote and create a buzz about your business. Allowing your audience to interact and become a part of your overall plan creates a personal stake in your success.

4. Host contests.
What better way to promote your business and promote interactivity than by hosting a contest of the best submitted picture by your followers or the best posted picture by you. Having fun rarely hurts your brand!

5. Show off your brand.
You have some pretty creative people working for you so why not show their skills off? Just because your business may not be in a creative field does not mean you can show off your team’s creative chops and show a different side of yourself.
With Instagram, your audience has a window into your business, both from a business perspective and from a personal perspective. Companies such as Red Bull, Sharpie, Rogue Ales, Pepsi Max, and TV shows such as Good Morning America, NBC news, MTV, and ABC World News all utilize Instagram to give their consumers extra material or to share a more personal side of their world.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and start speaking those thousand words with pictures!