Northstar Travel Media Content Licensing Case Study
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Northstar Travel Media

Wright’s Media rewrote the book on content licensing years ago. Today, we represent thousands of magazines and other media properties, with more joining us every week.

How did we become this successful? Because the word is out – publishers know that Wright’s Media will market published assets and generate new income with complete transparency and security.

Fill out the form to download our case study about how Business Travel News benefited from our custom content licensing solution.

Let Wright’s Media handle your content licensing and reap these benefits:

  • Generate income from your existing content
  • No upfront cost for publishers
  • Our vast industry contacts assure creative marketing of your assets
  • Introduce your brand to new customers in new markets
  • Retain 100% control of your published assets
  • We give buyers an automated storefront to transact with you
  • All licensing transactions are 100% transparent to you – no “black boxes”

Your brand integrity is our #1 concern. Read our case study, then contact us.

Don’t keep your new customers waiting.


Publisher or Content Buyer?