How to Maximize Revenue by Leveraging Your Brand Equity With Content Licensing | Brand Content Licensing Agency - Digital Content Marketing Agency
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How to Maximize Revenue by Leveraging Your Brand Equity With Content Licensing

How to Maximize Revenue by Leveraging Your Brand Equity With Content Licensing

You know the feeling you get when you find unexpected cash in your pocket? Imagine if you had a partner who did that every month. We help you find opportunities to generate incremental revenue by leveraging your brand equity through content licensing. Creating a recognizable brand takes time and effort but it shouldn’t require increased advertising. What if we told you that we could increase your revenue at no additional cost?

What does success look like?

For publishers, success can be defined as revenue generated from events, ads, and subscriptions.

When it comes to events, having a diverse revenue stream is key. If you have an event and your audience and exhibitors see the value in attending, traveling and sponsoring, it might be time to consider additional revenue generating options. If you were to launch an award program, winners could, in turn, promote these awards on their marketing materials, which would promote your event. The key to success would be to monetize your assets, not give them away.

Another aspect is ad revenue and subscriptions. The more brand equity your brand has, the more likely people are to advertise and subscribe.

The number of social media followers can also contribute to your success. If you regularly publish quality content that your audience finds useful, they will want to share it. Any social media mentions, shares, and reviews are viewed as earned media and data show that 47% view earned media as the most influential medium for driving purchasing decisions and business outcomes. In turn, this helps you gain brand awareness, credibility, and more followers.

What’s next?

In order to boost your brand equity, you want to maximize revenue from past, present and future content. When you partner with us, we make sure that your content is delivered to all potential buyers using a multi-channel marketing strategy.

One way to maximize revenue is through award logo licensing. If your publication has an awards program, you’re off to a great start. If not, it’s time to develop one. We have helped numerous publishers and companies in a variety of industries set up award programs. Once you establish your program, you announce the winners and notify them. Most of the time, it’s an unexpected and exciting opportunity for the winners and they will gladly invest in your brand because of your brand’s value to use your award logo on their marketing.

This is where we come in. We negotiate on your behalf and obtain an agreement on how your logo assets will be used and for how long. After that, you enjoy the additional income stream. These awards can be used for different marketing collateral such as:

–          Product packaging

–          Websites

–          Social media

–          Print or digital ads

–          In-store displays

–          TV, radio, billboards, etc

Other ways to monetize your assets would be through editorial licensing. If your publication mentions other companies in newspapers, trade publications or on a website, we can use reprints or e-prints to showcase any company. Several brands wish to leverage a pull-quote from your editorial to use in their videos, images, and ads.

Whether it is an award, an article, or a testimonial – when you license your content you are extending your brand equity by placing your name in front of new customers. The best part is you find unexpected cash in your pocket every month.