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Marketing: It’s All about the Story

Marketing: It’s All about the Story

Messaging. It’s probably the most critical component of your marketing campaign, so it’s not surprising that marketers find it to be very challenging and time consuming.

Why? Because it is no easy task to implement storytelling through your marketing messages and do it successfully.

Stories are bigger than sales.

Stories connect your buyers to your brand emotionally and are central to all successful marketing campaigns. Think of your organization’s story. Do you have one? Are you telling it? But most importantly, are you listening to how others tell your story? Assuming they are telling the story you want told, are you leveraging this in your marketing?

When people discuss your brand online or in print, they are telling your story. Do you like what they are saying? Facebook comments, product demo videos or a write up in the Wall Street Journal are all marketing channels that are used to tell your story.

These 3rd party media outlets have weight in a consumer’s eyes. They build trust and help position your brand as a leader in your industry. So why stop there?

By implementing this earned media throughout your marketing campaigns, you are grabbing the bull by the horns and telling your own story by using other trusted brands to back up what you’ve been saying about yourself.

Think of it this way.

You are the C-level marketing exec at a Fortune 500 company and you have just been introduced to your newest counterpart, the CCO. After initial intros, you immediately look him up on LinkedIn to see his background and accomplishments, but what is even more important? You look at recommendations.

We all know that professional recommendations have more leverage than a stand-alone resume. Your CCO doesn’t just say he can execute amazing creative work, he’s got the backup from 10 heavyweight professionals on his LinkedIn profile.

This works exactly the same way for your brand.

As a marketer, your job is to market the benefits of your products and services. BUT when four publications have given your brand a “Best of” Award – that speaks volumes to your audience. Often times, marketers stop right there and pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Hold up.

Remember our LinkedIn example? You’ve got to shout from the rooftops your recent “Best of” mentions. Throw those logos on press releases, social media campaigns, ad campaigns and even bus wraps. It’s not enough to get the mention, you also need a marketing plan focused on promoting that earned media.

Telling your story is essential to building your brand. Back up your story with earned media and watch the impact you will have on your audience.

If you’re wondering how you make your marketing strategy even more effective with an earned media strategy, we can help.