Licensing/Permissions Services

When your brand earns a mention in any reputable publication, it is a huge marketing opportunity. Recent studies show that nearly all consumers (92%) trust this kind of recommendation – almost four times more than online ads. At Wright’s Media, we are experts at marketing such testimonials and endorsements, and have years of experience negotiating with publishers for the use of their content assets. These media licensing partnerships allow brands to leverage their earned media, providing you with rights to as much use of a (for example) logo or story or award as you need, and in any form (digital and/or print) that integrates with your marketing strategy.  

Also, with our experience and in-house design and production experts, we can help you bring any promotional idea from the concept stage all the way to a digital or hard copy asset to be used to grow your business. Driving new revenue for your brand is why we do what we do.

We guarantee that any product created by Wright’s Media will make your brand pop in front of thousands of new potential customers, improving your bottom line. 

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