Content Permission Sales Agency - Content Licensing Permissions Agency
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Content Licensing/Permissions

At Wright’s Media, we are experts at creating new revenue streams for any publication. One way we do this is through licensing partnerships. Your existing content has great value, and we can develop a licensing partnership that will allow you to fully monetize it. Also, with our experience and market contacts, we can help you reposition and repurpose your existing content for added income. And most importantly, we will use your content to grow your revenue while assuring that safeguards are in place to protect against piracy.

This is not a “black box” transaction – you maintain 100% control while our systems provide 100% transparency. Our experience and track record ensure your property is protected and continues to improve your bottom line.

At Wright’s Media, your brand integrity is our #1 concern during any licensing negotiation or permissions agreement for the use of your assets. In addition, our extensive database of contacts guarantees that your brand will be introduced via new and unique channels to new markets. This is what we do.

Award Logo Licensing

Wright’s Media has many years of experience at leveraging awards through logo licensing agreements.

Content Licensing

Wright’s Media can help you be sure that everyone who would love to use your content assets has had the opportunity.

Image & Video Licensing

Our aggressive approach to marketing content assets has been proven time after time – this is additional income for you with no extra effort.