Content Licensing Platform - Brand Media Licensing Portal
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Wright's Media LicenseStream™

This proprietary software solution automates content licensing, royalty settlement and content monitoring across the internet so you can make more money from your digital content. LicenseStream™ also enables companies to detect and curb unauthorized use of their content by creating additional opportunities to monetize and discover new markets. Using LicenseStream™ from Wright’s Media, you will:

Manage Your Digital Assets

Before this groundbreaking application, managing the use of your content across the big, bad internet was a very difficult chore. LicenseStream™ is the first and only end-to-end content licensing platform. It’s remarkably easy (and profitable), and fully transparent for you, the content owner.

Monetize All Published Content

Put your content assets to work 24×7. We will create a virtual storefront for buyers and add the assets to be offered. Then, sit back, because everything else that is needed to complete the transactions is on the site. LicenseStream™ supports direct download, subscription and ad-supported delivery in addition to licensing.

Track and Profile All Use

With LicenseStream™, you can offer all media types (video, images, text and audio). As the owner, you monitor all transactions through an administrative console. There are multiple monetization models to give buyers exactly what they need, and automated collections to be sure you receive payments. In addition, this unique platform enables companies to detect and curb unauthorized use of their content.

LicenseStream™ provides a quick path to market with either turnkey or fully custom deployments.

Digital Asset Management Software

LicenseStream™ can help manage and monetize your digital assets.