InformationWeek 500 Logos, Reprints and Awards
Leverage your InformationWeek 500 win and let this prestigious recognition set you apart from the competition. Incorporate the award logo into your press releases, on your website, and in your signature blocks. The possibilities are endless. In addition to utilizing the logo, there are many ways for your organization to achieve recognition for its achievements including:

Broadcasting your recognition on TV, radio, print or digital applications. Our Licensing Management Team will negotiate and draft agreements based on your specific requirements.

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Full color reprints make a statement when you enhance the editorial content with a custom cover, your company logo, and a print ad. It shows a professional representation of your products and services and demonstrates that you are serious about your marketing efforts. Stand out amongst your competition with four-color reprints.

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Leverage your feature on your website. All Eprints and or Elite Prints will highlight rankings and the IW500 logo.

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Ancillary Items

A wide variety of ancillary items to highlight and showcase this prestigious honor. Plaques, framed reprints, posters, banners, and lapel pins can promote your award.

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Contact Us

Contact our official partner, Wright's Media for more information. Please note that Wrights Media is the only authorized company that we've partnered with for InformationWeek 500 Award materials.


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