It’s No Contest: A Motivated Sales Team Is A Selling Sales Team | Brand Content Licensing Agency - Digital Content Marketing Agency
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It’s No Contest: A Motivated Sales Team Is A Selling Sales Team

It’s No Contest: A Motivated Sales Team Is A Selling Sales Team

For this blog post, we welcome guest blogger Brian Kolb, Wright’s Media’s Executive VP.

Despite not being in transactional sales or in retail, we aren’t prohibited from leveraging spiffs, prizes, bonuses, or incentives. Isn’t sales about incentives?

I strive to make sure my sales teams are having fun, are motived, and are smiling while doing their job. Yes, commissioned sales is about as smooth as the bark on an oak tree. And yes, it is about as stress-free as swimming in a pool of honey with Grizzlies nearby. But the promise of selling more and earning more seems to smooth the woody shell a bit and adds a little tryptophan to the nectar. Since sales are the lifeblood of every organization, it behooves you to sweeten the pot with incentives to keep your sales team hungry.

A fluid contest allows me the flexibility of starting with a set of basic ground rules but throwing in a wrench occasionally to keep my teams thinking and doing, always selling up a customer or prospect. All contests should be grounded in the end result(s), with a goal that changes daily/weekly/monthly. The ingredients or sales drivers can (and should) change daily.

But as with most undertakings, the end result depends on the effort of all involved. Therefore, I prefer to award points for something that really stands out and involves others (outside of sales), making the contest more corporate in nature. It’s a recurring reminder for the sales team that while everything begins and ends with sales, without support staff and all other involved personnel contributing their talents and effort, they can’t deliver the goods. I favor contests where rewards and prizes are meant to be shared between the sales rep and another employee involved in the process that resulted in successfully achieving the goal.

If your sales team needs more technology, purchase it for them. Give them the opportunity to learn it, love it, and sell it. I buy gadgets ranging in cost from $50 to $500 and mix ‘em up, the idea being to get my team talking about and understanding what all is out there on the market. It’s essential that my team is up-to-date on technology, both with understanding it and using it. It’s a strong vertical for my business.

What do you need to achieve? How can a sales contest get you the results you seek?

Four sales contest essentials:
1. Engage your reps
2. Have fun
3. Involve others
4. Think different