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Is it Time to Give your Brand a Boost?

Is it Time to Give your Brand a Boost?

Companies are always looking for different ways to boost their brand. They may launch a full-blown content strategy promoting the value they bring to the table. Or maybe they unveil a new custom service initiative designed to stomp their competition.

Both are great ways to boost your brand, but here’s one more. What if brands aligned their products and services with trusted industry-relevant publications already possessing years of brand recognition?

Sounds complicated, but in reality, it’s quite simple. Many brands (and quite possibly, your competitors) are leveraging this earned media right now to boost their brand equity. It can work across many different marketing channels such as:

  • Trade shows
  • Sales collateral
  • In-store display
  • Ad campaigns
  • PPC campaigns
  • Social media
  • Billboard ads
  • Broadcast
  • …and any other marketing channel you’re currently using

While we could go into great detail about the importance of using this type of media – it makes more sense to look at real-life examples.

Case 1: Secret Aligns Their Brand with Women’s Health

Medium: Social Media

Earned Media Type: Women’s Health Beauty Award Winner

Why it Worked: Secret used the power of social media to leverage their Women’s Health Beauty Award in a creative way. Instead of posting a link to a press release or a landing page, they created a GIF. GIFs are short, often animated videos, and they are perfect for sharing on social media – done well, they give their followers an enjoyable and memorable experience.

GIFs are a simple, yet extremely effective way to boost a brand.

Case 2: Verizon Aligns Their Brand with Mashable

Medium: Broadcast

Earned Media Type: Pull Quote from Mashable

Why it Worked: Verizon created an ad campaign called “Better Together”. What they did was pair their service with popular products, and compare it to other famous pairings, like peanut butter and jelly. One of their examples was pairing the “hottest smartphone” (Samsung Galaxy S7 edge) and the Verizon Network, stating they are “Better Together”.

Comparisons work well in advertising, but leveraging comparisons with 3rd party mentions ramp up the trust factor.

Case 3: TurboTax Aligns Their Brand with TopTenReviews

Medium: Google Adwords

Earned Media Type: Review from TopTenReviews

Why it Worked: When running any PPC campaign, digital marketers understand the power of ad extensions. There’s actually a place to embed a 3rd party review extension and TurboTax took full advantage, making their ad stand out across search results using a pull quote from TopTenReviews.

Building trust and increasing click-thru-rates on PPC campaigns works extremely well in this example.

While brands will look to many different avenues for promotional opportunities, it’s imperative to take full advantage of your earned media mentions within your marketing efforts. Build trust, increase loyalty and generate revenue when you boost your brand with trusted earned media.