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9 Steps of Content Licensing

9 Steps of Content Licensing

When you win an award or endorsement from a trusted, well-known publication, you get more than a high five. You also get huge marketing opportunities that can be used to leverage your brand while boosting your bottom line.

So what’s next? Content Licensing.

When your brand wins an award, receives an endorsement or earns public praise in a trusted industry publication, content licensing allows you to take that winning content and strategically work it into your overall marketing plan.

Since we are having some fun at Content Marketing World this week, let’s use that as an example. During this event, CMI gives praise to the best content marketing projects, agencies and even the overall content marketer of the year. But, how does this process work?

Step 1 – Behind the Scenes

The publication conducts in-depth research to evaluate brands in pertinent categories.

Step 2 – Script

Next, a content licensing agency works jointly with these publications to develop content licensing agreements that can include product packaging, POP displays, awards and other media channels.

Step 3 – Winning

The winners are announced. You’ll see the hashtags trending on social media and brands go CRAZY if they made the list of winners.

Step 4 – The Red Carpet

Letters, phone calls, emails, tweets and any other form of communication is used to spread the word if a brand has won.

Step 5 – Screenplay

After the brand is contacted, they work with the content licensing agency to license the usage of the award logo throughout all of their marketing channels.

Step 6 – Take Two

Brands develop their content licensing plan and send it to the content licensing agency for final approval.

Step 7 – Visual Effects

The content licensing agency proofs all art and media files using the award logo to ensure compliance is in line with brand standards and the licensing agreement.

Step 8 – Opening Night

The approved, licensed content is used, promoted and shared.

Step 9 – Box Office Bonanza

Revenue is generated for publishers and the brands bottom line is boosted as a result of licensing.