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How Publishers Can Monetize Magazine Archives

How Publishers Can Monetize Magazine Archives

Time, energy and resources are put into every piece of content you publish. We know that today, repurposing content across print, digital and mobile is essential. But what about the content in the past that you spent the same time, energy and resources creating?

Can’t help but think there’s money sitting in your content archives? You’re probably right. Publishers have figured out a way to monetize their assets and add an additional revenue stream to their bottom line.

But how can you decide if there’s a market for your archives?

Take Vogue, for example. They have a long history of providing relevant and valuable content to their audience. Decades and decades of fashion history fill up their archives. What better way for their audience of designers, creatives and marketers to find inspiration than to look at the trends from decades ago?

The Vogue Archive is one of the best examples of publishers monetizing their archives because it answers a question for their audience and responds to a need.

By using a digital platform that can easily be searched by brand, country, photographer, model, etc., Vogue has delivered inspiration on a silver platter for their audience and created a fashion resource that many can’t imagine their life without.

The basis of the success of The Vogue Archive?


Value drives your content and it’s no different with your content archives. Delivering an archive of relevant information to your audience is what will make it successful.

Packaging your content archives varies from publisher to publisher. Perhaps you’ve got videos that you aren’t monetizing or a large database of images – these archives might resonate with your audience and be a starting point for monetizing your content archives.

It all boils down to your audience. Understanding how your archived content can help them will make you successful in generating revenue and monetizing your content archives.

While many publishers aren’t sure where to start or if there is even an opportunity to monetize their past content, content licensing agencies have the industry expertise to leverage your content and begin creating long-tail revenue streams.