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Go Offline

Go Offline

Our Executive Vice President, Brian Kolb, is taking over blogging duties for this round.

Offline Marketing is steadily growing as our inboxes become flooded with monsoons of messages daily from ad banner storm clouds brought on by using social networks and SEO.

Engage People
Offline Marketing should be a day of puffy clouds, warm sunshine, and cool breezes; a sort-of Hallmark card that you can not only feel but smell— and even taste. Wright’s Printing & Marketing created a gum package bearing our brand to use as handouts during a recent local community event. The gum package, part of Printing & Marketing’s “Make An Impression” Q1 campaign, not only highlighted our creative team’s warm approach and our full understanding of ‘sticky marketing’ (pun intended!), it also encouraged consumers to engage in conversation with us. It made them want to ‘stick’ around and not only find out the story behind the gum but also to listen to what we had to say about our services.

‘Sticky marketing’?
It’s a simple concept. It speaks to how long someone remains engaged with you, your team, and/or your product. It encourages folks to, as I mentioned before, stick around and stick with you. It is being intrested (and intresting), personable, and believable. Our gum packaging kept us in the minds of prospects and customers. It helped put a memory to the face by giving them a package and a story to recall in the future.

If sending out a thank you card after a meeting, a sale, or as a general follow up is a glass of cool water on a warm day, handwritten cards afterward are frosted pitchers of iced tea on a hot Texas day in the summer. People want to feel connected on more than a superficial level. People prefer a personal touch over a generic sentiment. In other words, think laser focus on a diamond rather than a shotgun blast in the dark.

Community Exposure
Sponsoring, supporting, and attending local events is an effective and easy way to quickly build brand confidence and brand recognition. The more you’re seen out and about in the community, engaged with people and participating in events that are important to them, the more these folks will recognize you and be inclined to do business with you. No need to adjust this approach to fit your business; one size fits all, from the smallest mom-and-pop start-up to the most gigantic multi-billion dollar mega corporation. Investing in a community with your time and your support is an easy way to produce large results with minimal capital. Getting involved with a community tells people that you care about something other than their money. As much as times change and marketing changes, we all want to feel like we matter; volunteering tells people they are important. Use those opportunities to advertise your business with a branded t-shirt or other similar gear that you can wear, or pass out branded water bottles for people to drink from. The vehicle is relatively unimportant; it’s the scenery and the cordial conversation along the way that people remember.

So go offline, and get sticky! It’s a beautiful day outside…