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Four Ways To Get More Blog Subscribers

Four Ways To Get More Blog Subscribers

When I was a kid, I loved reading articles about my favorite rock stars. Sure, the articles about their music were interesting but what really piqued my interest were the ones where they offered advice or simply spoke about their lives off stage and away from the recording studio. Think of your blog in that way; treat your posts as conduits for disseminating practical and useful advice as well as an avenue to tell your readers a little (or a lot) about you and your company on a personal level— it doesn’t need to be ALL business.

1. Make it user-friendly and conspicuous
Don’t assume your audience is a group of detectives with computer science degrees. Make your links obvious (without being overpowering) and easily navigated. The less time your readers spend finding your blog means more time reading and responding to your posts.

2. Offer incentives for subscribing
Everyone likes a little “bribe” (a LEGAL bribe, of course). Give your subscribers a little something extra as an enticement to subscribe and as a thank you for subscribing. The incentive is up to you, but some popular items are eBooks, guides, tip sheets, whitepapers, etc.

3. Make your content easy to share on social media
As you know, being a presence on social media is almost as necessary as having an updated resume and business cards at the ready. Make it easy on yourself (and others) and make sure your content can easily be shared via social sharing buttons that are displayed where they are easily seen.

4. Provide quality content
Seems pretty basic, yes? Provide quality content to keep people coming back. One might be surprised how often blogs will put out material just to put out material, neglecting to consider that it might not be worth someone’s time. Some of the best blogs don’t necessarily follow a schedule, but they do keep readers coming back because their content is worth waiting for.