What is Content Licensing - Award Logo Licensing
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In a publishing context, what exactly is content licensing?

From a publishing perspective, content licensing is distribution of media assets/intellectual property to any third party, generally for a fixed term, and for a negotiated fee. The license also specifies how the assets can be used by the buyer.

What’s the difference between a reprint and an eprint?

A reprint is a hard copy reproduction of content, like a story, blog post, or testimonial. An ePrint is exactly the same, only it is in digital form. All of these can be customized.

How can Wright’s Media customize an eprint?

Wright’s Media can add logos, co-branding, embedded video, and active links to different websites. Scrolling banners, sound effects and flash animation can also be added. These can also feature page-by-page flip navigation, so the reading experience mirrors an actual book. You can also get data from the eprint such as which pages were zoomed in on, what links were clicked on, etc.


Can Wright’s Media help me create an awards program for my publication?

Absolutely – Wright’s Media were pioneers in developing and monetizing award programs for publishers. And by using our LicenseStream application (see below), you are always in control of your assets. Please call us for more information on how we can create more brand equity and income for your publication.

What is LicenseStream?

LicenseStream is an automated, online content licensing platform that enables publishers to put their content in a branded, customized virtual storefront. Here, the digital usage is available for purchase by anyone. The entire transaction, brand management and usage monitoring is all automated and works seamlessly.

Is it true that Wright’s Media can market and set up a licensing program for my assets that won’t cost anything?

Yes, we routinely set up licensing programs at no cost to the content owner. The content assets have already been created – our programs generate additional revenue from this previous body of work.

Can LicenseStream track unlawful usage?

Yes, our unique licensing application can track where content assets are being used across the internet. If any unauthorized use is detected, LicenseStream will empower the content owner with a series of automated solutions including legal notices and payment collection tools.

Content Buyers

My company just won an award and was mentioned in a prestigious publication – what should I do?

Awards and testimonials are known as earned media, which is the most trusted form of advertising. Any company in your position should prepare a marketing plan to promote your win, but you must first secure the rights to use the award logo from the owner. Then, you can promote your win through a press release, social media, and local/national media. Wright’s Media represents hundreds of media properties and can obtain this license for you, as well as advise how to promote it effectively.

How can I acquire rights to use a logo in my marketing campaigns?

We have been acquiring licenses from publishers for years. The process goes like this – the award recipient contacts us at Wright’s Media and describes both the award, and how they want to use it. For example, it can be used on websites, product packaging, print ads, broadcast media, etc. Based on their intended use and our recommendations, we create a licensing agreement at a price that satisfies all of their needs. Then, the award winner can leverage the recognition in their marketing campaigns.

How can I actually use logos in my marketing initiatives?

There are many ways to leverage an award or testimonial – here are just a few: • Product packaging • In-store displays • Media – Print ads, outdoor and broadcast • Company email signatures • Business cards • Website homepage • Social media profiles • Company stationary • Company shirts and other promotional items • Job listings

How long do I typically have to use a licensed logo?

The contract usually allows use for twelve months.