Publishers know that when it comes to consumer trust, earned media is the overwhelming choice. In fact, recent studies report that 92% of consumers trust earned media above all other forms of advertising. So one of the products we can create and license to buyers for publishers is an ePrint. 

A high-quality ePrint can generate significant income streams for publishers because earned media is so valuable to companies. Buyers will feature ePrints on their websites, promote them via social media, and distribute them via email. When Wright’s Media produces an ePrint for a buyer on your behalf, the benefits flow both ways. Both you (the content owner) and the content buyer will obtain:

  • An enhanced digital presence
  • Increased brand recognition
  • More website traffic
  • New leads and sales

Wright’s Media can produce two kinds of ePrints (Standard and Elite) to offer buyers more ways to leverage, and pay for, your content

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