Digital Content and Digital Asset Licensing Agency
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Elite ePrints

The Elite ePrint turns earned media into an engaging digital resource that will capture data as well as provide an additional method for gaining customer loyalty. Buyers will pay you extra for this product. This is because they get all the benefits of a standard ePrint, but the built-in advanced technology of an Elite ePrint also will provide the following:

  • Page-by-page flip navigation
  • Embedded video with adjustable settings
  • Active links to other areas of the website
  • Data capture and feedback for measuring ROI

At Wright’s Media, our in-house design team will make your published assets pop for each buyer, adding custom touches that will enhance their use and ultimately, increasing their effectiveness as a marketing tool. Available customization options include scrolling banners, sound effects, and flash effects intended to further engage the buyer’s audience. And this means more income to you, the content owner.