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Content Marketing World: What’s Next?

Content Marketing World: What’s Next?


Content Marketing World is a time for marketers across the globe to network, share and learn from the most successful content marketing professionals in our industry. Seeing the event grow over the last three years has been phenomenal, and with over 2,500 content marketers this year, Cleveland, OH will never be the same!

This year’s theme was simple, storytelling. It couldn’t have been more fitting as we see more brands jumping on the ‘content marketing’ bandwagon, yet really have no idea what to talk about.

Today, it’s not about what your content says or looks like, it’s about what emotions it evokes in the people who engage in it. Andrew Davis noted that moments of inspiration, or rather MOI, leads to ROI. As brands dive deeper into content marketing, the stories they tell should be the forefront of their strategy.

So what’s next? How do 2,500 marketers come home inspired from a world-class event and begin to implement an effective content strategy before getting frustrated and throwing in the towel?

Figure out the Story you Want to Tell

Everybody has a story and if YOU don’t tell it, who will? This should be the first step in your journey to content marketing success. Once you figure out your story, you’ve got to use that story to inspire others through your content.

Set Clear Goals

Blindly creating a content strategy isn’t going to garner positive results unless you’ve taken the time to outline specific and attainable goals. Whether you want to increase revenue by 25% or blog subscribers by 2,000% – you must set your goals from the beginning.

Plan & Organize for Consistency

The worst thing that could happen to your content marketing strategy is that you start off strong and slowly become inconsistent. You’ll see drops across all channels because you’ve attracted your audience based on the great content you’ve regularly given them. When that changes and you live in limbo with your content marketing, your audience will begin opting out or ignoring your content.

Take a Risk

Kevin Spacey said it perfectly during his closing keynote “It’s the risk takers who are rewarded.” Step outside of the box, give your audience a surprise and disrupt the way you’ve marketed your company. By taking a risk, you’re leaving the crowd of others behind and doing it BETTER.

These steps only scratch the surface for content marketing success but are necessary to focus on before jumping in and getting overwhelmed.