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Content Licensing

Wright’s Media licensed the use of a Mashable Choice Award
logo for Soundfreaq to promote on their product packaging.
As a successful publisher, you know the value of great content. It pulls in prospects, turns them into customers/subscribers, and later (if your products measure up) they become brand advocates. Content that pulls in prospects is valuable – and many companies would like to use what you have already produced in their advertising, especially if they are mentioned in it. Wright’s Media can help you be sure that everyone who would love to use your content assets has had the opportunity.

We will be sure that your content is delivered to all potential buyers using a multi-channel marketing strategy customized just for you. We will negotiate an agreement that maximizes your revenue with no up-front costs. And you can be assured that you, the content owner, will always retain 100% control of your assets and have 100% transparency into the licensing sales activity.

Let our expert team take your brand to new heights of exposure, recognition and revenue creation. Content licensing with Wright’s Media will provide these benefits:

  • New revenue streams with no up-front cost
  • More brand exposure and recognition
  • Customized pricing model to maximize your revenue
  • Real-time activity and royalty report access
  • Multi-channel sales and marketing of your content assets
  • In-house production (highest quality at the lowest cost)
  • Proven record of customer satisfaction

Wright′s Media licensed the quote from Mashable that Samsung was able to implement throughout their marketing materials.

9 Steps of Content Licensing

Winning an award, getting an endorsement or earning public praise are all examples of earned media. And because consumers trust earned media, it represents huge marketing opportunities for brands. Below are 9 steps for successfully licensing content.

Step 1 – Research & Testing

Publication conducts in-depth research and tests products and/or services in pertinent categories.

Step 2 – Tailor Agreements

Content licensing agency works with publication to develop licensing agreement packages: these can include product packaging, in-store displays, and various media (web, broadcast, outdoor, social and print).

Step 3 – Winning

Publication announces their list of award-winning brands (ex. Best Multi-Media Marketing Campaign).

Step 4 – Congratulations

Winning brands are notified.

Step 5 – Licensing

Brand licenses usage of award logo, etc., in product packaging, in-store displays and various media.

Step 6 – Submit Assets

Brand sends planned usage of assets to content licensing agency for approval.

Step 7 – Approvals

Content licensing agency proofs art to assure planned usage is in compliance with brand standards and the licensing agreement.

Step 8 – Release

Licensed content (with logo displayed) is promoted, used and shared.

Step 9 – Increased Revenue

Publisher gets new revenue, and the brand gets more business as a result of licensing.

At Wright’s Media, we are experts at content licensing. We will review your asset portfolio, market it aggressively, negotiate license agreements, and produce high-quality promotional items that will provide you, the content owner, with new long-tail revenue streams.

Contact us today to see how we can help you maximize your content.