Published Magazine Content Licensing Services
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Content Licensing Buyers

Today there are so many ways to promote your business, it’s possible you haven’t considered them all. Has your company been mentioned in a print publication? Has one of your products or services been reviewed in a blog or other online forum? Have you won an award? Every time your company earns a positive mention anywhere it’s a perfect opportunity for promotion. This is what is known as earned media – when your company earns publicity through merit, whether that is because of a great product, superior service, a noteworthy in-store experience – it doesn’t matter. You earned it – now let’s promote it!

  • Did you know that earned media is the most trusted form of advertising?*
  • Earned media drives 4 times the brand lift of paid media. **

Here are just a few of the products we can create to help you build your brand:

  • Reprints
  • ePrints
  • Pop-up displays
  • Product packaging
  • Print and digital ads
  • Commemorative plaques (for award usage display)
  • Postcards and mailers
  • Other promotional items (pens, mousepads, etc.)

Because Wright’s Media is a full service marketing and media services provider, we can take your award or story and build an entire campaign around it. Working with you, we can incorporate traditional marketing tools like email, direct mail, print ads, and websites with the latest data-driven technologies (variable printing, QR codes, and personalized URLs) and social media promotional techniques to blow up your brand and get people talking. This is a custom-tailored approach that considers your current audience, desired additions to your audience, key industry influencers, and how your competitors are positioned. Our unique customer-centric process will respect your budget and supercharge your bottom line.

*Source: Nielsen, **BazaarVoice


At Wright’s Media, we are experts at marketing such testimonials and endorsements, and have years of experience negotiating with publishers for the use of their content assets.


By now every business knows that when it comes to consumer trust, earned media is the overwhelming choice. In fact, recent studies report that 92% of consumers trust earned media above all other forms of advertising.


Consumers are bombarded with messages every day, but the vast majority believe earned media is the most trusted form of advertising.

Promotional Items

Wright’s Media has years of experience creating ancillary products to promote your business.