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#CMWorld – A Fight for Sore Eyes Live Blog

#CMWorld – A Fight for Sore Eyes Live Blog

Loving life in Cleveland this morning – Ann Handley has taken the podium at CMWorld 2015. Her main point today? Don’t put people to sleep by playing it safe (I’m guessing that’s because if asleep, they won’t buy anything).

She says the biggest missed opportunity in content is playing it too safe. Go bigger, braver and bolder, people! Ann says one of the reasons is that quality tends to decrease as quantity increases. This is also how our eyes get sore. “Make the opportunity to create marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing.” This makes perfect sense – we all know when we’re being sold to (or at). And this tends to turn us off and we become less receptive to the messages, even if they have merit.

But, as Ann points out, creating great content is hard, and now everyone in the industry plans to pump out more of it next year. How will you stand out in this crowd?

You need a story. And it’s got to be big to “convert more people into your squad.” Good content will educate your customers and make them feel like they are a part of something valuable. Content can tell a story, set a vibe, even create a community. Ann wants us to be bold and aim high – lead, educate, inspire. This is how to grab an audience in 2015. Make it authentic, and chances are many in your audience are facing the exact issue.

Per Ann – challenge commonly-held beliefs, then back up your assertions with multiple sources and data. But don’t forget, you should make your customer the hero of the story.

Tone is also important to establish who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It’s your “gutsiest, bravest, asset.” According to Ann, tone = empathy x story x culture.

Of course, not every topic can be a barnburner, so Ann wants us to learn the Rule of FIWTSBS – find interesting ways to say boring stuff. You can do this is in About Us pages, landing pages, microcopy, in the FAQs and on Instagram.

Just make everything better. And try not to be boring!