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Busting the Myth: Nobody Reads Print Magazines Anymore

Busting the Myth: Nobody Reads Print Magazines Anymore

Google would like us to believe that print magazines are keeping the sanitation engineers gainfully employed. Contrary to popular thought, magazines are alive and flourishing in our online world. There are many reasons people still read print magazines, but these are a few of the most popular from our media experts.

1.  To Learn. Magazines are constant supplies of fresh content readers depend on to keep them in the loop of society’s conversation topic. Whether it’s learning the latest dog training trick or the new fad diet of celebrities, readers feel “in the know” with a current issue.

2. To Feel Connected. Magazines are usually specialized and have a niche target. The people who buy a cooking magazine are looking for new knowledge to test in the kitchen, while runners scan a running magazine for new helpful tips or races. It’s all about the human element of seeking knowledge. The quest for information never fades, and magazines make it easy to pursue.

3. Touch and Feel.  In today’s digital world, many folks are just plain tired of staring at a screen all day. It’s much easier to pick up a magazine in the doctor’s office and get a fresh supply of unique content (other than the emails and Facebook updates on our phone). The fingers flipping the page is emulated now with Eprints, but sometimes people just want the touch and feel of paper.

4. Choice. When I click on a link that takes me to a new web page, I usually have no idea what the new page will look like. However, when I pick up a magazine and fan the pages, I get a pretty good idea what’s contained inside, and what I want to go back and read next. I have more control over the content I’m digesting – I can choose to view an ad or read a story, rather than having it automatically fed to me.

5.  Familiarity. Picking up a magazine and using our fingers to flip the pages is a familiar soothing feeling, especially for those over the age of 35.

6.  Air Travel. Until the FAA allows us to use wifi on flights, we are stuck with the traditional printed words on paper. Magazine publications are valuable cure for boredom to those who opt for enlightenment over conversation with strangers.

7.  Social Proof.  As I stand in the grocery store line, waiting for the woman with 22 items in the express checkout, I scan the magazines. Doesn’t everyone? Sometimes I will pick up one that has a story I know everyone else in the world is following, but I am clueless. (For example, which celebrity is pregnant or jailed this week?) I sense a desire to read it because everyone else is (or at least they know more than I do).

8.  Safety. Let’s be honest. Wouldn’t you rather read a magazine than scroll a tablet while taking a relaxing long hot bath? And what about all the sand grains that inevitably get stuck in your laptop or smart phone when reading at the beach? There are just some places magazines will always trump electronics.