Content Licensing #BetYourAssets

Content Licensing is used to grow your market and protect your content. The revenue growth potential is unlimited. With content licensing your content is protected by Wright’s Media. We help control, monitor and monetize assets. Wright’s Media will be your “Brand Constabularies.”

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Award Programs #BetYourAssets

Wright’s Media helps publishers and brands generate revenue and recognition through our awards programs. These programs were first implemented by Laptop Mag., and then grew into a monthly editor’s choice program. Our very own Brian Kolb saw the need and potential for these awards and recognitions, and with his intelligence and persistence, many other publications have employed this program into their own strategies to create additional revenue streams.

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Technology’s Role in Content Licensing

LicenseStream is a one of a kind licensing platform. This platform is the first of its kind, which allows owners of digital content to license, syndicate and monitor all forms of usage. This innovative technology increases the potential of content being licensed and inherently increases the revenue received by digital content.

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