Hope Is Not A Strategy

If your idea of an effective sales career involves comfort, easiness, and “gimme” deals, you’re farming the wrong field. Why farming? Because this lazy strategy defies what a good farmer, er, salesperson, should strive for: sustainable organic growth.

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Is Being TOO Helpful, Hurtful?

When is help a hindrance? Is there a point at which being too helpful becomes a disadvantage rather than an asset? When does being a helpful marketer become hurtful, and when does being a sales-first marketer become a detriment? Can you be both helpful AND a salesperson in equal amounts, or does a person have to be predominantly one or the other?

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Magazines In The Future

As tablets, readers, and other conduits for transmitting digital information become more and more commonplace, the need for megs of memory is increasing. While forests everywhere are breathing sighs of relief, electrons are putting in overtime. The magazine industry is adapting to the new technology while still maintaining its classic form.

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