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Award Programs #BetYourAssets

Award Programs #BetYourAssets

Get Revenue, Get Recognition

Wright’s Media helps publishers and brands generate revenue and recognition through our awards programs. These programs were first implemented by Laptop Mag., and then grew into a monthly editor’s choice program. Our very own Brian Kolb saw the need and potential for these awards and recognitions, and with his intelligence and persistence, many other publications have employed this program into their own strategies to create additional revenue streams.

Background on the Awards

Wright’s Media started awards programs almost a decade ago at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The award programs include pieces like plaques, posters, trophies and magazines excerpts. Most of the monetization comes from licensing the award logo, which can be bought, associated with a product number and tracked; these recognition logos can be used on many assets. To simplify this concept; Wright’s Media has created a program that memorializes and monetizes editorial content and coverage to be repurposed, reprinted and used to gain recognition.

About the Awards

These awards were created for and/or along with our publishers to recognize outstanding brands and their products. These awards can be as prestigious as awarded yearly or as frequently as given out twice a week. Mashable recognizes 1-2 winners a week for their Mashable Choice award.

Other Award Programs by Publishers include:

  • The Gizmodo Awards
  • Best of the CES: Hottest Notebook (Laptop Mag.)
  • Best of the CES: Techlicious, Blogzilla: Webby Awards
  • PC Pro Excellence Awards
  • Best of MWC Awards: Andriod Authority
  • Breakthrough Awards: Popular Mechanics.

How it Works

The process is very straight forward for companies that attend trade shows. On the first day of trade shows or conferences, publications will identify the potential winning brands and their products. Once the publications decide the winners, the publications will notify Wright’s Media, and Wright’s Media will notify the brands that they have a product that won in their award category. The award winners will then be able to purchase these recognition logos to promote their products and the recognition they received. The awards programs are not exclusive to tradeshows, publications like Men’s Health execute awards programs throughout the year that extends their brand. These 3rd party testimonials lend credibility to the winning brands. Awards programs are winners, the PR you get from it is value in its own.

Quick Tip: Start an awards program to lend credence.