Award Logo Licensing Agency
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Award Logo Licensing Agency

The neoKit2 leverages earned media from Computer Active.
Does your publication have an awards program? If you don’t, you probably should. We have been pioneers in this area of marketing for many years and have helped publishers and companies in many other industries set up awards programs. But let’s assume you do announce a series of magazine awards periodically – of course the winners are thrilled, but it also hands them a huge (often unexpected) marketing opportunity. And they will gladly pay you for the privilege of using your award logo and other related material in their marketing efforts. This is where we come in. Companies should not miss the opportunity to promote awards, and by us pointing out the benefits to all the lucky winners, we create a new income stream for you.

Wright’s Media has many years of experience at leveraging awards through logo licensing agreements. By negotiating on your behalf, we obtain an agreement on how your logo assets will be used and for how long. Then, you sit back and reap the benefits. Beyond the additional income, there is an additional benefit to you, the publisher. Your logo assets are displayed to new audiences by the winners, and often these audiences are in new markets. This is what is known as a “win win win” situation. Award winners can use your logos in many ways, including:

  • Linksys promotes their Editor’s Choice award
    from Tom’s Guide on their product packaging.
  • Social media profiles
  • Print/digital ads
  • Product packaging
  • Email signatures
  • In store displays
  • Business cards
  • Company swag
  • TV, radio, billboards, etc.
  • And much more, the sky’s the limit

We create all of these display opportunities in-house, promoting both your award and the company that won it. If your firm has any kind of award program, call us and we can help you monetize it. If you currently don’t have an award program, let us know. We have years of experience helping publishers create and market awards programs that pay for themselves many times over.