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5 Ways to Leverage Reprints

5 Ways to Leverage Reprints

Earning media is difficult. But once you’ve accomplished it, take full advantage! Understanding how to leverage earned media throughout all your marketing channels is essential. While there are hundreds of ways to do this successfully, today we want to focus on the use of reprints.

You might think reprints have no place in our digital world, think again. These play a bigger role now than ever before.

Don’t believe us? Here are five ways to leverage your earned media coverage using reprints.

Wall Plaques

While a wall plaque looks nice for your office and is certainly a professional trophy to be proud of, there’s a more important reason – your bottom line.

Do you bring prospects and clients into your office? Perhaps you even take prospects on an office tour to showcase your abilities and instill confidence?

If a prospect is evaluating your company, they are likely to be in discussions with one or more of your competitors as well. Wall plaques showing you’ve been mentioned in prestigious and trusted industry publications speak volumes to the quality of your work – this can sway them in your direction.

TIP: Distribute your custom reprints throughout your lobby for your guests to enjoy while waiting.



Tradeshows are an investment. They are one of the most effective ways to meet your audience and have personal, one-on-one conversations.

You’re likely bringing collateral, planning contests, and doing everything in your power to generate booth traffic. Obviously, you need booth traffic, but once you get it, you‘ve got to keep people engaged and interested.

The conversation can start with your typical elevator pitch, then asking a few questions to qualify the lead. After capturing their contact info, you will be able to follow up after the show.

What’s the problem here?

Just like any ad campaign, your two minutes of booth conversation have to be memorable. Remember, you will likely have a few competitors exhibiting at the same show.

Before collecting the contact details of the attendee, pick up the physical reprint, explain why your company was mentioned (it’s ok to toot your horn), then slip it into their swag bag.

Seems small, but trust us, this can have a huge impact on a prospect while building trust around your brand.


TIP: Don’t let your competitors be the only ones distributing their reprints during tradeshows – this can’t help but take business away from your company.


Product Packaging

Was your product featured in a well-known, trusted industry publication? Reprints make a great addition to product packaging.

Typically, instruction manuals and anything else included in the box aren’t very exciting. In fact, most of this won’t even be read. But a well-done reprint is colorful and draws attention to your product.

You are driving client retention efforts using this method. Think outside of the box and distribute your reprints to your current clients in order to build trust and assure repeat purchases.


TIP: Customize your reprints by adding your company’s logo and highlighting pull-quotes from the article.

Digital Reprints / ePrints

You can repurpose your reprint into a digital format, or ePrint and drive traffic to your earned media. The best part about anything digital is the analytics – you can track and record virtually everything about your visitors and their interaction with your digital reprints.

Digital reprints can be leveraged in a number of ways, including:

  • Social Media Promotion (Organic and Sponsored)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blog Content
  • Videos
  • Online Press Kits
  • Sitelinks (on pay-per-click ads)

Some of the above are obvious ways to digitally promote your earned media, but let’s dive into pay-per-click sitelinks.

Digital marketers are using sitelinks on their PPC ad campaigns to make their ads rank higher and offer visitors the quickest ways to get to certain places on their site – hence the name “sitelinks”.

Use one of your sitelinks to click through to a custom landing page that houses your digital reprint promoting your earned media.


TIP: Use UTM parameters to track the effectiveness of each campaign driving visitors to your digital reprint landing page.


Internal Communications

Your biggest brand cheerleaders are your employees. Let them know about the coverage your brand has just received. Ask that they share it with their network on social media and congratulate them on their hard work.

Employees enjoy touting the success of the company they work for, so use this to your benefit. To promote your earned media, leverage your employee networks, along with those of prospects, vendors, and industry contacts. Don’t be bashful!

Reprints aren’t a thing of the past. When you promote them successfully, they are one of the best ways to build trust, increase sales, and give your brand a competitive edge.

But generating earned media isn’t easy. To create this publicity on a consistent basis, you will need an earned media strategy. Don’t leave the future of your company to chance.