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3 Things That Will Make Your Audience Opt Out

3 Things That Will Make Your Audience Opt Out

Now that you have consumers liking you on Facebook, following you on Twitter, pinning you on Pinterest, and receiving content from you via email, how do you keep them interested in your business and your product/service? While there is no one way to assure your customers will always stay in your corner, there are a few tried-and-true ways to make them leave you faster than a seal at a shark party.

1. Ignore them.
Once you have their attention, you need to keep it. Not paying attention to your audience gives them the impression you: a) are only in it for what benefits you, and b) you don’t care about them.

Solicit their opinions through social media. Ask them to relate their experiences with your product/service. Give them a chance to make suggestions or to just have a simple conversation with you. Marketing today is all about establishing relationships; anti-social behavior doesn’t cut it any longer. Your business can’t put material out there and wait for the money to roll in. You have to sell your product/service, yes, but you also have to sell WHY your audience needs to have a stake in your efforts by making them feel a part of your success.

2. Boring content.
People like to be excited. People like to read interesting stuff. People like to learn things. Your content should be just like that. It should be exciting. It should be interesting. It should teach people something they didn’t know. And it should be interesting. And it should be exciting too. Because people like that.

Does the above text sound like something you’d pour a cup of coffee for and find a comfy chair to sit and read? Probably not. Too often we simply throw paint on a canvas and call it art when in reality it’s a mishmash of colors that any toddler in the throes of a tantrum could produce. While you don’t have to be Shakespeare or Frost with your prose, you do need to parlay your thoughts into an interesting and thought-provoking piece that will leave your audience wanting more and feeling better for having read it.

3. Outdated/infrequently updated content.
The sum of this problem seems to be the addition of the first two no-no’s. With social media having a front row seat in today’s marketing climate, you have to make sure your performance on the various outlets is worthy of a standing ovation. Having content that is no longer relevant shows that you aren’t concerned with making sure your audience has the latest and greatest news about your company and/or trends in the industry. It tells people that you don’t feel a need to connect with them, that you’d rather concentrate on anything other than reaching out to them and forming a relationship. Sporadically posting content gives the appearance that you only put material out when it strikes you that you haven’t produced anything in a while. Posting TOO much can be a problem, yes, but posting too little is always a problem in today’s marketing environment.

Keeping your target audience’s loyalty and interest is an inexact science; allowing them to leave because of your mistakes is paint-by-numbers predictable. Put down the crayons and put on your lab coat. But don’t forget to have fun with your communications. It’s not always suit and tie; put on your ugly Christmas sweater and let loose with your audience on occasion. When you’re genuinely having fun, your customers will catch on and enjoy the time spent together alongside you. Plus, relevant and interesting content has a way of “magically” appearing when you’re enjoying what you’re doing.