About Reprints

Article reprints are generally reformatted and customized reproductions of editorial content that are commonly used as promotional pieces. These reproductions are traditionally printed on an offset printing press on a high-gloss stock that presents a professional appearance.

How to Use Reprints

Reprints are an ideal marketing tool that can be positioned in many ways to showcase your company's greatest assets. They are objective, third-party endorsements from national publications. When you harness the power of reprints, you are able to customize the appearance and presentation of the editorial content and market toward your targeted audience.

Reprints can be used effectively in:

  • Handouts for your sales staff
  • Press kits
  • Employee training manuals
  • Educational supplements
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Corporate displays
  • Showroom displays
  • Trade show or convention handouts
  • Message to stockholders in annual reports
  • New product announcements
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